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That a great many customers ranked in Fortune 500 or industry leaders pick up Nistar as preferred cable suppliers speaks of Nistar competency and capability, we elaborate further why you can count on Nistar for wiring solutions:

1.Nistar is one of most extensive UL-certified, VDE-certified wire companies in Asia, customer can source most of cables from Nistar, regardless of the standard cable or the custom designed cable.
2.Nistar offers integrated manufacturing service from cables to cable assembly and wire harness to improve customer supply chain efficiency especially for industrial customers.
3.Nistar offers custom designed wire for unique requirement that is used in quality-critical and demanding environment, and NDA is signed to ensure customer’s confidential information inaccessible to outside.
4.Wide range of quality management system that includes ISO9001, TS16949, ISO13485 to address diversified application of a single customer that requires cross-industry experience and certificate.
5.Company management team has extensive experience in wire industry and dedicated their passion to wire industry for decades.
6.Possess know-how and state-of-art facility to launch advanced cables, and ship to customer from small batch as small as 1KM to high volume up to million meters.
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