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Nistar is a leading manufacturer of high temperature and high performance cable in China, we design, manufacture and market a wide range of standard and custom-designed wires and cables to customers that are used in aerospace, industrial, automotive, renewable energy, data telecommunication, computer, appliance and medical device. As one of most extensive UL-certified and VDE-certified wire companies in Asia, customers are able to buy most of wires from Nistar-the single source. 

s wide line of wire offerings include PTFE, PFA, PVDF, FEP, ETFE, silicone, XLPVC, XLPE, MPPE, TPE, TPU, FRPE and many other specialty insulation wires. We manufacture high quality wires to our customers that are certified with UL, VDE, TUV, PSE, CCC, CE, CSA and comply with ISO 9000, ISO13485, TS16949 industry quality standard. 

Nistar is an integrated wire manufacturer and intends to deliver end to end wiring solutions to customers
, our engineers will take the design idea from customer in early stage and turn to prototype, all the way to mass production. Nistar also engages in the business of cable assembly and wire harness for well-selected customers so that this business will not conflict with some of our customers through an agreement, helping customer to improve supply chain efficiency and reduce redundancy. 

s principle of building long-standing relationship with clients, coupled with innovative products and decades of experience make us win a diversified customer bases, most of our customers are ranked in Fortune 500 or leaders at their niche markets. 

Nistar aims to be your premier supplier of high temperature and high performance wires. 

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